Symbll Day 2

10 December, 2009

I’ve been thinking about how to explain the game to players without the use of text. My conclusion: it is possible, but there will a huge tutorial. Now I know that tutorials are somewhat tedious, and every game has a “tutorial island” which really isn’t necessary in most cases. Symbll’s tutorial will be optional, and split into smaller optional segments(about 10 second sequences that repeat as needed). When a player clicks on the tutorial symbol(blackboard or some learning icon) and a screen will come up listing all of the different subjects covered. Each subject will be represented by the icon that is used in the game. For example, the cash icon will have the sub-tutorials of where money is displayed in the game, how to make money, how money is spent, and all the other subjects about money. I think this will fully explain the game for any one who wanders, “What does that icon mean, and how is it affected?” Maybe I will split the tutorial screen in half, and on one side have an interactive screen of the game, and the other half list all of the subjects. Then a player can just click on the icon from the interactive screen instead of having to search through a list. Hmmmm…..

I worked last night on thinking of objects that need icons. Plants, benches, fountains…do these need to be in the game? I think so.

After some consideration I might also throw in Line of Sight for the shoppers. The way I see it, everyone has a different line of sight, and a major part of malls are to get people to look around. Line of Sight for each shopper could be widened if they like some object (or event), and narrowed if they dislike some object. Players will have to balance out these effects, so if a store is placed next to a bathroom shoppers might not notice the shop(focusing only on reaching the bathroom). Advertisement would also be an issue, stores provide a sign and the player must decide where to place the sign so shoppers can see it and walk to the store before being distracted. I’ll try to make these aspects fun and not some tedious chore.

I’m not sure what to use to create the game. I might just go straight C# or C++. Should I use a search engine? I’ll worry about that latter, after I finish all of the gameplay elements and design all the icons. Don’t want to rush things. In reallity I don’t expect to begin programming for a couple months. I know there are those who say to rush a prototype…I’ll probably just make a paper and pencil game first.


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