Today’s Response: Family Games!

11 December, 2009

The holidays are approaching, and so are the family gatherings. Families usually have traditions, like watching football during Thanksgiving, or giving presents. Some families plop down in front of a yule log and sing Christmas carols. Ugly sweater competitions, ugly dog competitions, maybe ugly baby competitions. The idea is to spend time bonding with family members that you haven’t seen for a long time. Well nothing says bonding more than playing video games! The amount of cheering, yelling, and kicking brought on by playing video games is bound to bring everyone a little bit closer.

  • New Super Mario Bros for the Wii. With four people I can see this game being very interesting and difficult. I have only played it with 2 people myself, and we were constantly running over each other. There is bound to be someone who just tries to create as much chaos as possible, but hey, playing out actual family roles in a game is sort of relieving. Also, as Ribs said, you can throw people in lava. “Johnny, you always remind me of this kid I see at work…did you just throw me in lava?” This is a game for all ages, and all upbringings. 10/10 on the family fun meter(I couldn’t afford a graphic, sorry).
  • Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or any game where you have to mash a controller that looks like an instrument. These games are a family favorite. Last year my cousin, brother, and I played for hours on end. “Dinner time!”, nope, its time for more Baraccuda. This also gave rise to us warping everything into a “hero”. Bread roll hero, T.V. volume hero. Organ hero. Whats best about these games is that any one can join in, the sounds are mostly recognizable, and you can show off your wicked shredding skills. I think in Rock Band you can sing, so you won’t have to spend your Christmas in a karaoke bar (or singing karaoke on Myspace). 10/10 on the family fun meter.
  • Wii sports, Wii fit, you know what I’m talking about. The Wii is meant for people to be active. If a family member gets on your nerves, you can always release your frustrations by boxing a few rounds. Play some golf with your grandpa. Play some throw the controller through your rich uncle’s television on accident. These games can be fun and constructive, especially with those kids that have a little too much energy. 8/10 on the family fun meter.
  • Dead Rising for the XBOX 360. Trailer (very graphic). Maybe when the kids go to sleep the adults will all talk quietly and play Dead Rising. Its got everything to bring a family together: a mall, creative gameplay, zombies, a zombie auger shield. I can just imagine a sleepy kid waking up and sleepily seeking their mom, “Mommy, why aren’t you using that guitar?” “Thanks, I always loved you the most out of the others.” Yes bonding. 2/10 on the family fun meter.
  • Any Puzzle Game. Having people yell out directions on how to move a piece is the worst way to play a puzzle game. You thought Dead Rising was going to be the worst family game, but no. Puzzle games are the worst. “Move that piece left…the blue one…no…no…yeah…left…no the other left…sorry…I mean clock-wise.” Thanks a lot. Maybe I’ll yell out direction on how to wrap presents. “Fold that corner…the other one…no…its upside down…tape that…no tape the seam.” -10/10 on the family fun meter.

So there are some ideas for family video games. Board games are very fun too. I won’t talk about those because most of them have been out for over a decade. I hope you bring out the video games this family gathering and spread the joy. Or you could just watch the yule log.


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