Symbll day 3

12 December, 2009

Today I thought about the scope of Symbll. There are three options I am considering. The first option is to keep the game entirely in one location, with only one mall per scenario, where the player has to deal with only the problems of managing the layout inside of one mall. The second option is to expand the game into the entire world, with multiple malls that the player has to keep working with and developing. The third option is to create a hybrid of sorts, where the players create only one mall per scenario, but after they are done with the scenario they will be able to manage all of the malls they have created. In this hybrid model a player would choose whatever scenario appealed to them (out of a map of the world), and then only focus on that scenario’s objectives or goals. Once those goals are met then there would be an option for open play, where players can manage all of their previously created malls from other scenarios. I’m leaning towards the third option. This will allow for players to feel that their work doesn’t just end after the scenario is over. I was thinking about Sim City or Roller Coaster Tycoon where you have your own creation, each build for a different set of purposes, but you can’t interact between them all. There was also Pizza Tycoon from Microprose, where the player could select from a major city on the world map and begin their own pizza chain in that city. After building a pizza chain that was raising decent capital you could expand to other cities. The only downside was that there were no scenarios to challenge the player. Once you had an idea of how to create a decent pizza chain you could just apply it with a few changes in another city. My goal is to make Symbll accessible for people who need the structure of scenarios along with making sure that players feel their efforts actually create something usable after the scenario is over.

I also found a few sources for inspiration on the icons/symbols that will be used in Symbll. I haven’t looked over all of these yet, but they look very promising. It made me realize how much diversity there can be in symbols. I started working on a few icons a few nights ago, but only got 3 or 4 done. I need some more inspiration, and this might help tremendously.


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