Symbll Day 4

13 December, 2009

I worked on some scenarios today for Symbll. I figured working out some scenarios would help me think of variables that I need to create. I also worked some variables, but I won’t list those, there are quite a few. I’ll stick to the scenarios:

  • Have x amount of people visit your mall after y amount of time
  • Have x% of people purchase items inside the mall in y amount of time
  • Have x amount of stores in the mall after y amount of time
  • Earn x amount of money in y amount of time
  • Spend x amount of money in y amount of time
  • Prevent x amount of security issues within y amount of time
  • Have x% of people with y amount of happiness
  • Have x% of people in the mall with starting cash of more than y amount
  • Have x% of people refer your mall to friends (virtual, not live friends)
  • Have x amount of shops that pay over y amount of money over z amount of time
  • Have x% of shops that are content with how the mall is being managed
  • Prevent x amount of shops from leaving over y amount of time

I’m still working on more, but those should be enough to create a bulk of my variables around. A lot of them have to do with time, happiness of people, happiness of stores, amount of people, and money. I’m going to start working on putting those into spreadsheets so that I can work on them easily and refer to them quickly.

I’m thinking about the amount of uncertainty in the game itself. I want there to be “random events”, but they can’t occur all the time or there won’t be any structure. The cause of events is going to play a big role in this, and there might be event records to keep track of events within the game. I want to give players perfect information of what is going on in their malls (unless there is a difficulty where information is purposely not given accurately). The higher difficulty would probably involve hiring a staff that reports to the player, and learning how different people act in different situations. That might be out of the scope of this game.


2 Responses to “Symbll Day 4”

  1. Brice Says:

    Is symbll your game project? Is there information to be found anywhere?

    • quasiternal Says:

      I just starting thinking about Symbll about a week ago. There isn’t any information elsewhere, but you can read about the development of it on here. I might make a website for it, but that will be in a month or so when the idea is more concrete.

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