Today’s Question: What role does character selection play in a game?

16 December, 2009

What role does character selection play in a game? A lot of game now allow for changing the outer appearance of your character. How does the appearance of your character affect your play? A lot games also have classes that are geared for certain styles of playing. How does class selection affect your game play?

Today’s question will be answered tonight, to allow for ample thinking time. Also, any comments will be highly appreciated and considered for use in tonight’s post.


One Response to “Today’s Question: What role does character selection play in a game?”

  1. Gil Says:

    I’ve noticed that typically outer appearance makes absolutely no difference in most games. Even games that allow almost infinite possibilities considering the look of your character (ie Fallout 3 & Demon’s Souls). Even with the allowance of changing physical appearance, it’s not often you are looking that closely at your character to even notice. I’ve honestly forgotten what my characters look like especially since they have headgear that covers their features.

    Classes are different though. My play style almost always forces me to choose the magic user/healer. It’s just the kind of character that I always use and prefer. So essentially my play style affects the class I use rather than the class affecting my play style.

    Lastly (and just as importantly, though not mentioned) is sex. In many games you can chose your sex and the gameplay changes accordingly. In Fallout 3 there are skills that are geared towards a female character and those that are geared towards a male character. In Demon’s Souls there is gear that can only be equipped by the appropriate sex. So at this time, I’d say that sex plays a more important role in more games than your physical appearance. I’m sure that in the future, games will allow NPC’s and enemy AI to recognize nuances of our physical appearances and react accordingly. I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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