Symbll Day 5

14 December, 2009

Possible core mechanics/what the players will be able to do:

  • A player will drag and “snap-in” walls onto a grid. The walls can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. These will make up the structure of the mall
  • The view will be over head, the map can be rotated clock-wise and counter-clockwise. Using the arrow keys or bumping the edge of the map with the mouse will move the map. Both mouse buttons held down will allow for dragging the map. Scrolling the mouse wheel or page up and page down will change between floors.
  • A player will be able to click on shoppers and find out what they are thinking and feeling through bars and faces
  • A player will be able to click on shops and find out how much business they are attracting, along with any information that is needed in aiding them (competition, locational issues).
  • A player will be able to name their mall and will be able to use a user name.
  • A player will be able to play without having to manage each shop within the mall.
  • A player has the option of setting routes for security guards, maintenance workers, or janitors.
  • A player will have the option to select from a set of icons to use in the game, they can import their own.
  • A player will be able to save at any time, and there will be an optional autosave every ten minutes.
  • A player can guide shoppers but can never control them, placing objects will affect the shoppers.
  • A player must keep shoppers coming into the mall to continue playing. If there are no shoppers then the game is over.
  • A player must keep at least one shop inside of the mall, otherwise the game is over.
  • A player must have funds to pay for upkeep of the mall. They will be able to play without funds, but shops will likely leave without proper mall upkeep, and shoppers will soon follow.
  • An upkeep cost will be placed on the mall based on size, amount of shops, amount of shoppers, and misc events, and will need to be paid every month in the game.
  • The player will be given offers and opportunities from each shop, the shops are competing with each other to maximize their profits.

There will be more, and these are kind of broad, but I think its a start. I will have to link all these ideas to icons and symbols. I think the shops might prove to be a little tricky, because I have to show competition, and its not the easiest subject to explain with symbols.


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